Antwerp Low Emission Zone

VRT News reports:

“Wed 01/02/2017: It’s D-Day in Antwerp for the Low Emission Zone. As a result the most polluting vehicles will be banned from the city centre. Motorists with dirty cars driving into the zone will be obliged to pay a 125 euro fine.

“In practice petrol-fueled cars older than 22 years are effected as are DERV-fueled cars that do not possess a soot filter and are older than ten years. Cameras check all cars entering the zone. Cars with Belgian number plates will be compared to an automatically compiled list showing all cars that comply with the stricter norms. For foreign drivers this is not the case. This is why it is crucial that foreign motorists heading for Antwerp register beforehand in order to avoid the 125 euro penalty”.

St Boniface is situated inside the Antwerp Low Emission Zone. If you’re coming to us by car, and particularly if you have non-Belgian plates, please check the details on the official website.