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Anglican and Christian organizations in Europe, Belgium and Antwerp

St Boniface exists as part of the Christian community in Europe, and in Antwerp. For readers interested in exploring this context further, we offer additional information and links below.

St Boniface Antwerp

St Boniface Antwerp is an Anglican  (Episcopalian) church, falling within the Church of England ‘s Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe. Churches in the diocese (and in the rest of the Church of England) can be found using A Church Near You.

St Boniface was recognized by Belgian Royal Decree in 1890; the parish covers the whole of the Province of Antwerp.

The St Boniface Church building, which dates from 1910, is registered in Antwerp as a Flemish monument (Inventaris Onroerend Erfgoed: St Boniface Church). There is a Panorama of the Church interior, by Krzysztof Zagajewski.

St Boniface conforms fully to the safeguarding requirements of the Diocese in Europe. We are also a signatory of the Archbishops’ Digital Charter, referencing safeguarding issues online.

St Boniface publishes weekly updates on its Facebook page.

St Boniface works with a number of European and international Christian organizations:

Our Bishops

The Bishop of the Diocese is The Rt Rev’d Robert Innes, Bishop of the Diocese of Gibraltar in Europe (Suffragan Bishop: Bishop David Hamid).

As the parochial church council passed a resolution under the House of Bishops’ Declaration, the  Bishop of Richborough, has sacramental and pastoral care of the parish.

St Boniface is affiliated to the Society of St Wilfred and St Hilda.

The Anglican Church in Belgium

The Anglican Churches in Belgium form a close community, and work together on local and wider issues. A number of the Churches have their own websites:

Anglicanism is registered as an official state religion in Belgium, being represented by the the Central Committee of the Anglican Church in Belgium. Parents can ask for their children to receive Anglican religious education in school.

St Boniface Church as part of the community of Antwerp

British Anglicans have been an established part of the community of Antwerp since the 16th century. St Boniface has good relations with a number of Antwerp organizations, including several christian organisations:

There are also good contacts with the Antwerp British community as a whole:

Anglican / Episcopalian