Harvest appeal

African child

Kwa Hilda is a day centre near Durban S.A. founded 20 years ago to help black children who are AIDS orphans, many of the children are infected with the virus.

The project is the Shrine of Walsingham’s designated charity and they are appealing for help. They say it would be good to be able to feed 50 extra children each day- currently they only have funding to feed 17. Breakfast and dinner cost €1 a day so €5 will feed a child Monday-Friday.

Every cent donated goes to the project and is much appreciated as the situation is desperate since the government withdrew its funding. The project- a registered charity- is run by the local parish with the Mothers’ Union playing a lead role.

Fr Andrew is familiar with the facilities as he preached at the local church in 2006 whilst on a visit to South Africa.

Please give what you can and if you wish to pay directly to Friends of St Boniface vzw please mark your donation KWA Hilda (BE 87 2200 7812 9694: Friends of St Boniface).

If we can raise €650 then we can guarantee one extra child food for a year.

(Photo by Les Anderson on Unsplash)