Mothering Sunday 2020

Motherin Sunday

This year on Mothering Sunday we cannot be together at St Boniface, but we can all be together in prayer.

We send you our love, and knowing that God always hears a mother’s prayers, we ask you to offer these intercessions with us on Mothering Sunday.

Let us give thanks for our mothers, and pray for a blessing on them, wherever they may be.

During this time of anxiety and crisis we pray:

  • For mothers who watch over children who are ill and children who watch over their suffering mothers;
  • For mothers who are apart from their children and mothers who grieve because their children have died;
  • For those who longed for children and who have none;
  • For those without their mothers because of illness or death and who, in their longing, know themselves to be alone;
  • For children who are abused or neglected;
  • For children missing their mothers on Mothering Sunday;
  • For all who suffer the impact of family breakdown.

We ask that you would be a light in the darkness.

Tender and compassionate God surround us all in your loving embrace; and hold us always in your care.

Lord, in your mercy , hear our prayer.

Photo by Skitterphoto from Pexels