Kwa Hilda, August 2020

Kwa Hilda lunches

Kwa Hilda is a day centre near Durban S.A. founded 20 years ago to help black children who are AIDS orphans, many of the children are infected with the virus.

Following an appeal by the Shrine of Walsingham, we started to support Kwa Hilda in October 2018. They were our designated charity for our 2019 Harvest Lunch.

We received a message from them today, to let us know how they’re coping in times ov COVID-19:

“Some of the 100 children receiving a packed lunch today. They can’t eat a hot meal at Kwa Hilda so coming collecting a packed lunch each day means they can get a meal. Today was the first day and we anticipate that by the end of the week we will be feeding all of our 150 children.  Praise God”.

Kwa Hilda lunch packs